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May 2
3, 2018

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
is closed!!!

Current Volcano Alert Level: ALERT
Current Aviation Color Code: RED

Kīlauea Volcano Lower East Rift Zone

Eruption of lava and ground cracking in the area of Leilani Estates
subdivision continues.

Beginning yesterday and into today, the rate of lava eruption has increased.
Fissure 17 is weakly active now, and Fissures 16-20 have merged into a
continuous line of spatter and fountaining. Flows from the consolidated
Fissure 20 crossed upper Pohoiki road late yesterday afternoon and
continued flowing southward. This afternoon two flows from the merged
fissure complex have joined less than a mile from the coast and continue to
flow southward between Pohoiki and Opihikao Rds. The lava flow from
Fissure 18 is stalled. It is unknown whether the flows will continue to
advance, or stop, and new lava flows are likely given the rate of activity
seen at the rift zone. Volcanic gas emissions remain very high.

For recent maps of activity, see: https://volcanoes.usgs.

Additional ground cracking and outbreaks of lava are possible in the area.
Residents downslope of the region of fissures should heed all Count of
Hawaii Civil Defense messages and warnings.

Magma continues to be supplied to the lower East Rift Zone; however, a
GPS instrument near the Lower East Rift Zone is no longer moving
suggesting that the rift zone is no longer inflating in this area. Elevated
earthquake activity continues, but earthquake locations have not moved
farther downrift in the past couple of days.

USGS/HVO continues to monitor the lower East Rift Zone activity 24/7 in
coordination with Hawaii County Civil Defense, with geologists onsite to
track ongoing and new fissure activity and the advance of lava flows.

Kīlauea Volcano Summit

Small ash emissions from the Overlook crater have occurred intermittently
today. Moderate trade winds were blowing to the southwest and noticeable
ashfall may happen in downwind locations.

Additional explosive events that could produce minor amounts of ashfall
downwind are possible at any time. Volcanic gas emissions at the summit
remain high.

For forecasts of where ash would fall if such an explosion occur, please
consult the Ash3D model output here: https://volcanoes.usgs.

Information on ash hazards and how to prepare for ashfall maybe found


Activity Summary also available by phone: (808) 967-8862

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