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Kilauea volcano tours and guides

Kilauea Volcano Sightseeing at its best!

Choose from comfortable Kilauea guided bus tours, exciting helicopter tours,
fantastic lava viewing tours, boat tours, biking and hiking tours, or get a great
Kilauea guidebook and do your own tour at your own pace.  Native Kilauea guides
are also an option.
However you go, you'll love sightseeing at Kilauea volcano.
The word Kilauea means “spewing” or “much spreading.”  Kilauea volcano is the most active
volcano on earth and one of the most spectacular natural wonders on the planet.  Glistening black
solidified lava, lush rainforests filled with exotic and rare birds and plants, often fiery molten rivers
of lava—this is the home of Goddess Pele.

Microclimates ranging from desert to alpine landscapes, steaming vents, eerie lava tubes,
moonscape-like craters and verdant jungle awaits you however you want to experience Kilauea.  
Want to bike from the top of Kilauea volcano down to the sea? Want to hike with a knowlegable
vulcanologist through the rainforest and down into Kilauea Iki, and through Thruston lava tube?  
Depending on conditions, you might elect to hike out to see a current active lava flow (watch out
your shoes don’t melt!).  Or, you might wish to take a boat tour along the coast and experience the
spectacularly unforgettable sight of lava streaming into the sea.  
You may choose to ride in the cushy comfort of a big bus tour, or you may choose a smaller
personal and customized tour with a knowledgable Kilauea guide.
If you’re really seeking excitement, you might go with a zipline tour.
Day tours, night tours, lunch, dinner, Black Sand beach, waterfalls, tours including lunch and
dinner—you’ll find
your way to experience Kilauea volcano here.

However you do it, you will never forget your Kilauea Volcano experience.
Kilauea Volcano Sightseeing Tour
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Volcano Village Hawaii
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park tours and guides
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Kilauea volcano tours and guides, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kilauea tours and guides
Kilauea volcano tours and guides
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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
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